Current Portfolio

Savara Pharmaceutical is a publicly-traded company specializing in orphan lung disease.
EV Connect offers cloud-based EV charge station solutions for commercial businesses and government facilities.
Lice Clinics of America is dedicated to the eradication of head lice and produces lice treatments and centers.
TranscribeMe offers transcription and speech recognition services, delivering the highest quality low-cost human readable text.
Molecular Vista develops IR AFM called VistaScope with Infrared Photo induced Force Microscopy (IR PIFM), and nanoscale imaging...
Neural Analytics is a medical device company addressing the global need for immediate and non-invasive diagnosis of brain disorders...
Bitvore provides precision intelligence derived from world business news and information.
Caldera Medical develops and markets differentiated surgical implants for the treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic...
California Cardiac Solutions (CCS) was founded to develop novel disruptive technology to treat heart failure.
MobileCause provides a suite of tools for nonprofit organizations to communicate effectively with current donors, acquire new donors...
Oticara is a specialty pharmaceutical company selling improved anti-fungal products for diseases with underserved medical needs.
SageMedic develops technology to 3D-print patient tumors for directed genome testing, determining the safest treatment options for patients.
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Past Investments & Exits